Links to Articles about MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) and fragrance allergies:

  1. Vermont schools clean air law 2000
  2. Vermont schools 2013
  3. fragrance causes hormone disruption; don’t use disinfectant wipes in classroom; EXCELLENT RESOURCE
  6. NPR 4 minutes excellent
  7. NPR
  8. Scented Fragrance awareness program in Toronto School District
  9. not so sexy report from EWG lists fragrances and number of chemicals
  10. healthy child mag includes diapers, etc.
  11. seven companies own almost all fragrance products
  12. toxic chemicals found in fragrances
  13. Not So Sexy report 2010 excellent research and effects of chemicals 
  14. high school son has fragrance allergies had to go to hospital several times
  15. toxic odors
  17. definition of ‘fragrance free’ and safer fragrance label

Videos about MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) and Fragrance allergies:

  1. Can smells make you sick? WMAR TV Baltimore talks about MCS 37.5% of population has allergies now. (higher in kids)
  2. STINK interview of movie producer about fragrance issues cute video about poop and other bad smells
  3. brain and inability to get used to toxic chemicals
  4. Gucchi ingredients are poison
  5. *** STINK interview of movie producer about fragrance issues
  6. Australian talk show; good summary
  7. harmful to pets, people, like smoking was in past; toxic waste saves money;
  8. a doctor saying up to 2 million people have allergies to fragrances.
  16. girl talks about fragrance in locker room
  17. less is more teen
  18. health effects on humans and environment including babies and mollusks
  19. fake fragrances and toxins: urine, etc.
  20. Fox news says go scent-free due to hazardous of fragrance; esp. pthalates; reduces testosterone, causes infertility